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Chicken Soup is a fun-loving trio, brought together by their passion for their Jewish heritage. We sing songs of joy, humor and nostalgia in Hebrew, Yiddish, English, Ladino and even sign language! Our repertoire includes traditional and original material, and we accompany ourselves on guitar, ukulele, washtub bass and assorted percussion, with much audience participation. We have performed throughout San Diego County. flyer

yael gmach

Love of music has always been part of my upringing. Love of Jewish music was always there, whether my father was singing in Yiddish, as part of his Klezmer groups, Schmalts and KlezMeds, or my mother having her sefardic tunes for the holidays. When I was 14, I was part of a "performing group" called Banot Ha Olam (Daughters of the world). and then a musical surprise really. I don't quite know how I myself did NOT know that I could write songs. After publishing two CD, I created Big Boss Bubbeleh and joined Dvora Gittelson' Chicken Soup group. and I am nurtured by the smiles of the audience to whom we deliver songs and tunes which have accompanied them all their lives.

dvora gittelson

D'vora Gittelson grew up in Brooklyn , New York, listening to her cantor father sing the music of the liturgy with heartfelt passion. Her own ethnic musical experiences began in Jewish camps in the Catskills.
They were augmented by a trip to Israel where the exciting music evoked the spirit of the new nation. She later served as music and guitar teacher in various temples, schools and community centers in Los Angeles. D'vora is an award winning songwriter and has recently released her third album of original songs, plus a book.

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evelyn lipson

Evelyn Lipson?was born in London and comes from a talented musical family. Her great-grandfather was a cantor in Germany, where he became the Royal musical director of Berlin. She is an active member of the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad and responsible for the Levy-Lipson fund which enables worthy students to have musical experiences that they would not otherwise be able to enjoy. Evelyn enjoys adding “shtick” to the program and acts as cheerleader to encourage the audience to participate and have a good time!